Internationalization of Companies

Our goal is to offer tailor-made services with measurable short-term results which lead to increased international sales. With our extensive experience and our tried and tested systematic methodology, we are able to offer solutions to cover your adaptées company’s needs and demands.

With our wide range of services, we provide all the advice and information needed to develop and guarantee success in the different stages of the internationalization process.

Tailor-made internationalization Programs

A team of foreign trade experts who will design and manage an internationalization program, based on the needs of your business.

Trade Missions

Extensive experience organizing trade missions. We have coordinated direct and reverse trade missions for groups of sectoral and multi-sectoral companies, subcontracted by national and international institutions.

Trade Fairs and Events

We organize attendance to trade fairs for national and foreign business groups. If you wish to exhibit at a trade fair or event, we arrange all the details of your participation. If, alternatively, you wish to make a group visit, we take charge of the necessary tasks before and after the event. We facilitate contact with potential clients or partners at the fair, by providing you in advance with a list of contacts, and after the event, we take care of the commercial follow-up, adapted to your specific needs.

Market Information

We provide reliable, key market information, simplifying the fieldwork for you in the opening up or strengthening of overseas markets. We take care of market research, establishing databases, making calls, sending catalogues, commercial follow-up, arranging interviews, etc.

Foreign investment

We work with public and private entities to attract foreign investment, developing and implementing marketing and sales strategies for various regions around the world. We adapt to the needs of our clients via projects to identify potential investors, market research, trade missions and the organization of seminars and other events related to foreign investment.


We hold specialized seminars aimed at offering the key to success in the different stages of exportation, importation and implementation abroad: how to select target overseas markets, how to search for and select foreign business partners, payment methods in international markets, international negotiations, as well as a long list of seminars that can be requested.

Human resources

Our team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in recruitment. We offer the following solutions:
– We select staff for your department, considering the professional profile that best suits your current needs.
– We search for and select trainees.
– We can become your HR department, which we manage with our own resources.

International Public Contracts

Our consulting team has successfully developed technical assistance projects for organizations such as the European Commission and the World Bank. Awarded through international public contract tenders, Indegate Consulting has participated in market diagnosis programs, sectoral studies, macroeconomic and microeconomic studies, formative training, benchmarking, private and public sector development, and monitoring and evaluation. Their expertise was gained in European and African countries.

Tax, legal, accounting and employment consultancy

In Indegate Consulting you will find a team of professionals who offer a complete formula to give our clients peace of mind. They will help you with everything you might need regarding Employment, Tax, Trade, Accounting and Legal advice.

Translation and interpretation

Regular and certified translation and interpretation services.