Why Indegate?

  • Experience, knowledge and commitment. Solid experience, the tools of knowledge and the commitment of our team allow us to deliver tailor-made solutions to our customers.
  • Unique, proven methodologies. Our tried and tested operational strategy and methodologies deliver excellent results.
  • Global Business Experience. A worldwide network of consulting firms located in more than 36 countries, with business development professionals in key markets.
  • Focus on Results. All our projects are relationship-based and focus on a medium to long-term objective.
  • Type of Teamwork. We are fully committed to our clients when conceptualizing and formulating strategies, designing customized methodologies, and implementing solutions.
  • Professional Relations. Our staff draw on their experience and network of contacts with private sector companies, public institutions, organizations and other key people in the industry.

Why South America?

  • Population: 420 million distributed throughout 12 countries.
  • GDP: Two major economies, Brazil and Mexico. After 5 years of decline in GDP growth rates, reaching 1% in 2014. In 2016, a growth of 2% is expected.
  • Sectors: Infrastructure, construction, agricultural technology, consumer goods and IT.
  • Prospects: They depend on the political stability of the most important economies, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile.