Business Consulting

Standalone consultancy services to penetrate and grow in Africa

Are you an independent company, business association, or government agency that needs information, guidance, or local support in Africa?

We have a number of standalone consultancy services designed to assist organizations looking to enter or expand in Africa.

Market research & competition analysis

Are you interested in expanding your business and client base in Africa, but you wish to achieve a better understanding of your business potential before committing resources?

We can deliver comprehensive market research and competition analysis reports that will help you understand where the opportunities lie.
We will provide you with information on new leads, entry barriers, market prices, and existing competitors, presenting a range of options before establishing the best way forward.

Bids, proposals and tenders

Does your business need expertise and guidance to bid successfully for a contract?

Our business development team has over 18 years of experience in bidding and winning tenders.

Our team will save you precious time, increase your chances of success and help you learn the process for future bids

Legal, financial, and administration support

Do you need to get properly established and set up for success in Africa?

Our team can give you a valuable head start through comprehensive legal, financial and administrative support.

  • Acting as your Process Agent
  • Business setup and company registration
  • Office setup
  • Accountancy, bookkeeping and payroll
  • Tax advice and guidance
  • VAT Administration
  • Help and guidance with African bank account setup
  • Regulatory advice and guidance, country by country
  • Translation, interpretation and language assistance

Market Information for trade associations and governments

Are you a trade association, government department or an international embassy looking for a reliable partner in Africa?

We can provide market information, support and guidance in the form of reports, presentations and webinars to members, or interested parties, so that they have a better understanding of the African Markets.

We can provide key information on:

  • How to do business in Africa
  • Economic and political overview of the market
  • Industry/sector statistics and analysis
  • Market opportunities and competition
  • Typical barriers to entry
  • Routes to market
  • Country by country Legal and Regulatory Information
  • Investment opportunities
  • Joint Ventures and business partnerships.

HR support

As you looking to recruit in Africa?

As your business is expanding, identifying, and finding key people to run your business in Africa can be challenging.

We have two decades of experience in helping clients identify, vet, and recruit the staff that adds value to their organization and contributes to its growth.

Trade show and exhibition support

Are you willing to take part in a trade show?

We provide support to businesses, trade associations, and government bodies who require advice, representation, or practical support at any of the African industry trade shows.

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