Digital International Strategy

Smart solutions, measurable results

Our team of experts uses the best tools and strategies to create business models, improve processes and build customer loyalty.

Digital Marketing

Planning and execution of digital marketing strategies in target markets, personalizing communication and actions based on their needs and potential customers.

  • SEO positioning
  • SEM promotional campaigns
  • International Community Manager
  • programmatic
  • Social Selling
  • advertising
  • Chatbots

Virtual Plataforms

Digital solutions to communicate your products and services in international markets, adapting them to the target market.

Virtual Delegations in foreign markets in WEB format, App, and Virtual Reality

International Business Management Software

Digitization of international sales action applying automated solutions for international customer management.

  • Marketing
  • Automations
  • sales funnels
  • Lead Management
  • Sales teams
  • Suppliers

We create value for our clients worldwide

Winning new markets overseas can be challenging. Especially African markets, where language and cultural barriers can be hard to overcome. Trusted by over 5500 companies, Indegate helps companies like yours establish strong foundations in Africa, where opportunities for growth and expansion are on the rise in formidable fashion.

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