International Growth Network

Grow faster by joining forces with established companies

Thanks to international agreements, we can increase your expertise and competence, without needing to incorporate and develop new resources and skills.Therefore, you gain time over competitors while staying flexible, which is essential in today's changing market.

Types of business cooperation agreements

  • Technological Cooperation
  • Supply Cooperation
  • Production Cooperation
  • Marketing Cooperation
  • Commercialization Cooperation
  • Development Cooperation
  • After-sales Service Cooperation

Main Reasons for Cooperation

  • Improved competitive position through dealing with a greater volume of business
  • Access to a market
  • Access to resources or complementary skills
  • Acquisition of new technology
  • Completion of expensive or high-risk projects
  • Learning a new skill

We create value for our clients worldwide

Winning new markets overseas can be challenging. Especially African markets, where language and cultural barriers can be hard to overcome. Trusted by over 550 companies, Indegate helps companies like yours establish strong foundations in Africa, where opportunities for growth and expansion are on the rise in formidable fashion.

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