Sales Representation

The voice of your company in the African market

Acting as your overseas sales or manufacturers representative, we partner with you to develop new sales opportunities and support you in winning new contracts.

Winning new customers for you in Africa

Having a dedicated sales and marketing team with their finger on the pulse and valuable contacts in your target African countries can help skyrocket your sales.

We provide tailored sales and business support to each of our Principals -ensuring that our representation services are designed to meet the needs of your business.

A win-win approach

Our goal is to build mutually rewarding and successful relationships with all of our Principals – ensuring that your African sales grow along with your customer base.

Our business development team has over 18 years experience of selling products and services within the African markets – across a range of industries, which include engineering, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, Agroindustry, EERR, constructing etc.

We create value for our clients worldwide

Winning new markets overseas can be challenging. Especially African markets, where language and cultural barriers can be hard to overcome. Trusted by over 5500 companies, Indegate helps companies like yours establish strong foundations in Africa, where opportunities for growth and expansion are on the rise in formidable fashion.

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